When you walk down the street or in the park, you can see people with pooches on a leash, and sometimes their hairstyles look better than the ones of their owner. It is strange how we tend to care more about the outlook of our pets than to do that for ourselves, but it is a fact. Some people compensate the absence of a child; others just love doing it for no reason at all.

Dogs with long coats allow your fantasy to go wild when deciding on their haircut. You will be astonished to find out that there are catalogues with haircuts for different breeds, and when they are done by a professional groomer, dogs look elegant and classy.

Shih Tzu’s are adorable little dogs that are excellent companions. They are very smart and attach easily to their owner; they love playing games and being in the center of attention. The Shih Tzu haircuts are the most attractive features of this breed. There are haircuts for boys and girls, and it is easy to tell the difference. The haircut depends on the type of your Shih Tzu coat – thick or thin. Whether you decide to keep your Shih Tzu hair long or short, it depends on your puppy’s affection for being groomed or not.

Shih Tzu haircuts shape up every part of your dog – face, body, legs, ears and head. It doesn’t matter what Shih Tzu style you choose, the tail of your puppy will always stay long.

Shaping up the face of your Shih Tzu – you can shape it up like a chrysanthemum – fluffy and hairy. If it is shaped up in a perfect manner, your dog will create an excellent impression. The whiskers beard and face can be trimmed in the form of a chrysanthemum. If you shave the face completely, your puppy will look like Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You can choose between short or long whiskers and beard.

If you want your Shih Tzu to look like a cute fluffy ball in the face, then the whiskers should be trimmed short. Thus, your dog will look like a baby in the face. If you keep the beard and whiskers longer, it will visually elongate the face of the Shih Tzu.

The topknot is something that Shih Tzu haircuts stand out with. If the hair of your puppy is long, you can pull up the topknot with rubber bands. All the hair on the face can be shaven, and you can leave only the topknot. If you prefer to keep your Shih Tzu with a show haircut, then the topknot will mingle with the rest of the hair, but still you will be able to see it.

The body Shih Tzu haircuts provide to options – short or long. Although you may think that Shih Tzu needs to be trimmed very short during the summer, don’t worry. Even if you want to keep it with long coat in hot weather, it still acts as insulation. You can also shave it completely, just leaving the coat an inch long. If you think that your puppy will feel cold outside in the snow with a trimmed coat, you can always put on a sweater.

There are three options for ears trimming – shaved up thoroughly, cut to the length of the whiskers or left very long.

The legs can be shaped up according to the length of the body hair; you can leave them long or clip them shorter at the top and long at the paws.

And last but not least – the tail trimming. If you want to keep the tail thicker, you need to brush and comb it regularly because it tends to mat. Usually, people just trim the ends of the tail, because it looks very elegant when fluffy.

Here are a few tips that you can use before choosing any of the Shih Tzu haircuts. The climate is not an issue; your puppy will do great with long hair even during the summer. If you want to keep your Shih Tzu face like a chrysanthemum, the hair around the face will always be wet when the puppy drinks water, because it loves to dip its whole face in the water bowl. The long hair, although it looks beautiful and elegant, requires much more maintenance especially after walks in the park or on the beach. Long coats need to be also checked more often for ticks and flea.

The top knots are the Shih Tzu unique look, but you need to redo it at least twice a day if you want it to look neat. But whatever Shih Tzu haircuts you choose, don’t forget that your dog needs regular brushing and combing so that the hair doesn’t mat and doesn’t look messy.

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