Choosing the right shampoo for your dog is as essential as choosing the right shampoo for yourself. For sure you don’t just buy any shampoo that you see. You consider the type of your hair, if you have hair loss, skin problems, if your hair needs to be nourished, etc. The same applies for your dog too.

If you visit any vet pharmacy or pet shop, you will be able to find shampoos especially produced for dogs. They are with low acid content, and are able to clean the hair of the animal, making it healthy, elastic and glamorous. If you don’t know what shampoo to buy, you can always bring your dog to the vet as he will be able to advise you professionally after reviewing the skin and the fur of your pet.

Don’t forget that it is always better to choose a product of higher quality, because thus your dog will not experience constant itching and dandruff and its fur will not fall off that much.

The factors that influence the choice of the right shampoo are the following:

  • Age of the dog – for puppies there are special and caring products
  • The length of the fur – longer hair requires 2 in 1 product (shampoo and conditioner)
  • Parasites – if the dog has flea, you should choose anti-parasite shampoo

Using the anti-parasite shampoo doesn’t exclude the use of certain medication like pipettes, powders and defense against ectoparasites (flea, tics, lice, etc.).

You can also use shampoos for easy brushing, herbal shampoos, antibacterial, for sensitive skin, etc.

It doesn’t matter how expensive or tender your shampoo is, it is not meant for washing dogs. The human skin and pet skin are very different as the dog’s skin has a higher pH level. Thus your shampoo will be very aggressive for your dog and its skin will become very dry and irritated.

If your dog has a dry or sensitive skin, the best choice for your dog is a moisturizing shampoo. If you are not sure, consulting a veterinarian is always an option. The shampoo should contain soothing ingredients like vit. E, aloe vera, honey, oatmeal, etc. It is best to avoid shampoos with strong scents or any scents as they can cause irritation of the sensitive skin of your dog. If your pet has an itchy skin, just buy a shampoo with hydrocortisone which will ease the itchy feeling.

If you want to protect your dog against flea and tick, you can buy special shampoos that act as repellant or kill these insects. The ingredients provide short term protection and cannot be used as a universal protection (they are not like pipettes and powders for instance). You should know that they act only on the ticks and flea that come in contact with the shampoo. Also don’t forget to check whether the shampoo washes off the other active substances that you apply on your dog to protect it from such attacks.

If you have a puppy, then you should buy special puppy shampoo. If you have a baby, you would use baby shampoo for washing right? It is the same with baby pets. Such shampoos are milder and don’t cause eye and skin irritations.

For sure you would love your dog to smell nice. Dogs have a special scent, unlike cats. The reason for that is cats pretty much sustain their own hygiene, while dogs cannot do it themselves. In this case you can buy deodorizing shampoos. They don’t just mask the unpleasant odor, but remove it completely.

If you have a dog with white fur, that requires a special shampoo that contains brighteners and whiteners that nourish the natural bright color of the coat. Such a shampoo minimizes fading and yellowing of the fur.

In case that you want to wash off the dirt from your dog at once, you need the so called waterless shampoos and wipes. They are very useful if you are not at home and you don’t want to wash your dog at a place that is unknown to it and it might feel restless. Everyday cleaning of the dog and particularly the areas as paws, bottoms, teeth, ears and eyes, is done using moistened wipes. The waterless shampoos are also very useful when the weather outside is cold, thus your animal avoids catching a cold.

After you use the shampoo for washing off the dirt and pests from your dog’s coat, you should apply a conditioner. Its first and most important effect is detangling the coat. The conditioner also recovers the oils of the skin that are inevitably washed off during the bath. Conditioning is particularly necessary for dogs with long coats.

Whatever type of shampoo and conditioner you decide to use, you should avoid any contact with the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of the dog. It is best to put tampons in the ears while bathing. Don’t apply the shampoo and conditioner directly on the coat. Put some on your palm and mix it with water. Always apply the shampoo starting from the head, over the body, the legs and the tail. It doesn’t matter how mild the dog shampoo is, you should rinse it completely, because if there are some residues, for sure this will cause your dog to scratch severely or lick its hair. This isn’t good neither for the skin nor for your dog’s stomach.

If by accident some shampoo gets into your dog’s eyes, just wash them off with water and clean them with a soft and dry towel. Check the ears if there is water in them and use the towel again if necessary. You don’t need to change your dog’s shampoo, unless there is a medical reason for it and your vet recommends it. Otherwise just use the shampoo that makes your dog hair feel good, sleek and beautiful, and doesn’t cause any bad reactions of its skin.

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