If we calculate the time we spend in the bathroom and the gallons of water that we use for bathing, probably the world as a whole will be acquire a brand new ocean. Don’t you feel reborn after a shower or a good long bath? Well the same applies to dogs too, especially in the scorching hot days in the summer.

At first it may seem like an easy task to do, but don’t get fooled. Dogs take bathing as a game which is created to make them happy and splash as much water as possible with every paw, tail and ear that they have. If you have never done this before, for sure it will be difficult the first few times. Dogs may be like children but for sure they can be as whimsical as kids are. You cannot make a dog sit in the bath tub for nothing in the world, as long as it decides to do so. So in order to feel defeated, it is best to follow some advice and not give up straight away.

If you ask anyone about the problem with bathing and how to cope with it, everyone would advise you just to let the specialists handle this i.e. the groomers. The least they can do for your dog is to bathe it and fir sure they know how the trick works. No stress for the dog, no stress for them, no flooding of the place, no running around covered all up in shampoo. But if you want to handle the challenge then you should know a few tips and tricks that will save you a lot of hassle and troubles.

The specialists claim that pets should be bathed at least twice a year. Some are against this because they believe that animals can take care of their hygiene pretty good, but if this applies to cats, for sure it is not valid for dogs. Especially if you allow the dog to sleep in your bed or with your kids or to stretch on the sofa, bathing is necessary.

Bathing should be a pleasant and comfortable procedure for the dog too, so that later on when it sees the bath tub it will not run away and make your life a real misery while trying to get it in the bathroom.

Taking out the dog every day is an absolute necessity. This is done at least twice a day – early in the morning and in the evening. Even if you have a garden where it can run around, it will love the variety and have a walk in the streets. While being outside its fur collects a lot of dust, dirt, insects, so when you get back in the house you should get rid of all that. You should use a wet towel to clean its feet and belly and brush its fur to take away all the dirt specs.

The shampoo that you use should be especially for dogs, never use a human shampoo because it will cause irritations on the skin. You have to remember that the dog’s skin is very tender, much more than a human’s because it is covered and protected by the fur. That is why it is easy to damage and hurt it if you don’t use the right shampoo. Dogs’ shampoos are softer and contain certain elements that protect the sensitive skin. There are three types of shampoos – super class, middle class and low class. It is best, of course, to use the first one because it is full of nourishing agents that protect and nourish the protein structure of the fur.

So let’s go back to bathing as a procedure. The earlier you start bathing the dog, the more it will like it when it grows up because it will get used to water. Depending on the size of the dog you can choose a laver or straight in the bathtub. The most important is that the dog will feel solid ground under its four feet. The temperature of the water should be a little higher than the temperature of the animal itself – around 40-42 degrees but not more. If your dog has long hair, brush it well to get rid of all the clots and then start bathing it. Make sure that you don’t wet the eyes and ears of the dog as they are very sensitive and can be irritated easily. The head of the dog should always be above the water. The bathing should not continue more than ten minutes, and the shampoo should be rinsed very carefully with a lot of water. No shampoo residues can be left on the skin of the pet.

When the bathing is finished, use a warm soft towel to absorb the water from the fur. Then use another dry towel to absorb the rest of the damp. If you want to use a dryer make sure that your dog is not scared of the sound and never point it at its face. Just to make sure that you will not stress the dog, leave the dryer to the groomers. They know how to use it safely on pets.

What to do if the dog just refuses to get in the tub and acts aggressively when you try to bathe it? Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much you explain to it that it is safe and there is nothing to be scared of, the trick will not work. In such cases it is best to go to the groomers and just let them do the all the tricks they know in order to calm the dog down and bathe it. Don’t use force because there is a big risk that your dog will bite and scratch you and the trust bond between the two of you will be broken. Although some dogs are smarter than people, they are animals by nature.


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