Dogs That Don’t Shed – the Dream of Every Dog Fan

Dogs are adorable creatures there is no doubt about that. It just takes you a second to look into those big loving, warm eyes, and falling in love with them is inevitable. There is no doubt that dogs are a man’s best friend. They attach to the person and not the house like cats for instance. Dogs are the most reliable partner a man can have, and there is a reason dogs are trained for finding people, and to be active police partners.

But the best there is about dogs is that they are wonderful buddies for playing, for walking, for hiking and of course for guarding your home. There are so many videos online where you can see that the love of a dog for its master is everlasting e.g. the dog that spent 14 years lying on the grave of its owner. I don’t know a human being that is so loyal and loving.

Of course owning a dog is an excellent adventure, but together with the fun part, there are also some inconveniences that you face every day. For example, you cannot just delay walking the dog every morning and every evening, you cannot forget to wash the legs, the butt and the tummy of the dog after walking it, and you cannot avoid grooming. You should always clean the nose, ears and eyes of the dog. And probably the most dreadful chore of all is taking away the hair from all over the house.

Changing the pet is not always a solution because there are other animals the shed like cats and guinea pigs. So if you decide to have a dog, then you should seriously consider shedding as an issue.

The first question that someone might ask is how often dogs shed. Although some breeds seem to drop hair all the time, this is hardly the situation. Shedding is directly influenced by the changing of the seasons which means that dogs change their coats twice a year. It also depends on how light and warm it is at your house. The more light you have at home and the higher the temperature is, this is a logical signal for your dog that the summer is coming, and it is time to take off the coat.

Unfortunately, you begin to adore a dog before knowing whether it sheds or not. The moment you fall in love with your pet, the practical question like spreading hair all around the house gets on a second place. But as dreadful, as it may be, people want to know whether it is possible to limit the shedding. It is not feasible to stop it altogether, but if you brush your dog every day to get rid of the dead hair, for sure, you will find fewer furballs around the house. Also, there are canine vitamins that strengthen the coat, just like there are the same vitamins for people to limit hair loss. The groomers also have an innovative procedure that processes the coat of the dog in a way that shedding is restricted to the maximum.

Dog hair all over the house is very annoying, but another problem that families face is the allergies, especially if there are kids in the house. Although people are mostly allergic to the saliva of the dog, the dead hair can also cause sniffing, skin itching, tears in the eyes, overall discomfort. This is an excellent reason to take the dog away. Dog owners know that puppies become a member of the family and getting rid of them is not possible from an emotional point of view. So before you take a dog, check whether someone in your house is allergic or not and consider taking a hypoallergenic breed.

If you want to get a dog, before you become emotional about a certain breed, it is best to consult a vet whether this is a non-shedding puppy or not.

Here is a small guide of a few breeds of dogs that don’t shed. Someone might say that this is mission impossible but finding a hair or two is not such a big disaster.

  1. Chinese Char Pei – these cute dogs that come from China are adorable. You feel like switching on the iron and take out all these wrinkles. Fortunately, these dogs shed rarely. The name of the breed comes from the Cantonese word “sand skin”.
  2. Airedale Terrier – playful and joyful dogs, the perfect companion for you. Their coat is wiry, and the undercoat is soft. If you brush it a couple of times a week, you will not find a single hair at your home.
  3. Portuguese water dog – they enjoy games in the garden as well as in the water, no wonder that the name of the breed is “water”. Their coats are long and wavy and don’t shed much. Still grooming should not be avoided.
  4. Soft coated wheaten terrier – very friendly puppies, full of energy. Their fur is glamorous and requires not so much grooming. There are four types – traditional Irish, English, American and Heavy Irish.
  5. Bullmastiff – this breed comes from England, they are originally meant for perfect family companions. They require minimum grooming and not so much care for their coat. They shed very little almost not at all.
  6. Bichon Frise – sweet and cheerful puppies, very cute and perfect for a house pet. They have thick coats, but they don’t shed at all. Don’t forget to groom them regularly.
  7. Papillon – the perfect domestic pet, very frisky and joyful. Their ears look like butterflies; they have a silky coat that doesn’t require a lot of care and doesn’t shed. These beautiful looking puppies seem to require a lot of grooming, but they are not that demanding.
  8. Rhodesian Ridgeback – these are hunting dogs and the hair on their backs grows in the opposite direction. They require little grooming and don’t shed. Little care, but still looking in perfect shape.
  9. West Highland White Terrier – judging from the name, it rings a bell that this breed comes from Scotland. These adorable pets are excellent companions. They were used for digging out vermin. Although these breeds need a lot of grooming so that their coat looks perfect, shedding is not an issue at all.
  10. Maltese – this is probably the most common and preferred breed for an indoor pet. They are adorable looking and very expressive. Their coats are long and silky, and as they don’t have any undercoat, the Maltese require regular grooming, although they don’t shed.
  11. English Springer Spaniel – the best hunter companion, these dogs love running and playing; they need a lot of exercises and are happy when they get it. They need regular grooming, they love it too, and the best part is that they don’t shed.
  12. Mastiff – it is impossible not to notice these dogs with their massive bodies and wrinkled foreheads. Their coats are short and sleek which makes grooming a piece of cake. No shedding at all.
  13. Chihuahua – the celebrity breed that you will see in any magazine – a pooch in a bag. These cute little puppies have long and smooth coats that need combing, but they don’t shed. Although Chihuahua makes a lot of noise, no shedding compensates it.
  14. Boston Terrier – very joyful pets that love being close to their owners. They love being cuddled and you don’t have to worry about hairs on your black clothes because if you comb it now and then, it is enough for its coat to look perfect and sleek.
  15. Shih Tzu – these adorable little pals are bred in China as you can tell from the name. Although their fur seems to require a lot of brushing and creates the idea of a lot of shedding, this is not the case at all. As long as you brush it regularly, you will have no problems with shedding.
  16. Miniature Schnauzer – although their double coat requires regular brushing and their head looks very furry, they don’t shed at all. These are the perfect companions for people who have allergies. They are very friendly and playful, ideal for an indoor pet.
  17. Doberman Pinscher – although these dogs seem a bit grumpy and aggressive, they are very obedient and are perfect for guarding your home. They are ingenious and athletic. Their coat is short and doesn’t fall off. They are susceptible to training which makes them desirable companions at home.
  18. German shorthaired pointer – the name gives the idea that the coat is very short which means that grooming is not a problem and shedding also. They are very friendly and love to please their owners make them the perfect companion at home.
  19. Rottweiler – they have short and straight coats that don’t call for a lot of grooming and don’t shed. This breed is meant for herding and protection, and this makes them a reliable partner in the house.
  20. French Bulldog – these probably are not the most beautiful looking dogs but for sure there is one word for them – adorable. The bat looking ears and smashed faces complement their looks. They are small puppies and have a short, sleek coat that doesn’t require a lot of grooming and, of course, don’t shed.
  21. Boxer – short haired dogs that need little maintenance and don’t shed. They are extremely loyal and playful creatures so that you will have the best of both worlds.
  22. Poodle – although it has a long thick coat it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed at all. It is true that it requires a lot of grooming and regular brushing, at least, you skip the hairy sofa part.
  23. Yorkshire Terrier – this is probably one of the few breeds that have human-like hair coat and is perfect for allergic pet owners. Their coats are very long and charming and grooming is very pleasant.
  24. Brussels Griffon – this is an excellent watchdog, and it looks very adorable. Its hair hardly sheds, and this breed is perfect for people with allergies. These dogs bond strongly to the family that is why it is the perfect one for families with kids.
  25. Havanese – very cute very fluffy very adorable. Their coats are very soft, and brushing is a real pleasure. They don’t shed which is the perfect feature of this breed. They are very friendly and loving puppies and are perfect plush alive toys for kids.
  26. Chinese crested – this is the example of a dog that doesn’t shed thread. The reason is this breed is hairless, just a bit of hair on the tail and head. Maybe these are not the most beautiful dogs, but for sure they are very elegant and classy.
  27. Labradoodle – a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, this breed is very friendly and loyal. It is a hypoallergenic breed that doesn’t cause any allergies. Crossbreeds usually don’t shed, Labradoodles are the perfect example of dogs that don’t shed.
  28. Basenji – this breed originates from Africa and is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t call for a lot of grooming, brushing its coat is a quick and easy procedure. These are hunting dogs although they are a bit difficult to train, still their friendly nature makes it a suitable family dog and belongs to the group of dogs that don’t shed.
  29. Italian greyhounds – these dogs don’t shed, but they prefer to have a long coat in the winter to keep them warm. No owner will object to this as long as they don’t find hair in the soup.

Shedding can be an appalling and time-consuming issue. Cleaning after the dog a few times a day can be a full-time job, so if you are not ready to do it, just stick to dogs that don’t shed so that you don’t have problems with allergies and hygiene. Some breeds look cuter than others, but if they shed profoundly, you will probably not find them that adorable.